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Dec 14 – LA – Darkmatter Void Sessions
Dec 21 – LA – Extreme Futurist Festival


Demon-rasta undead dread dude making hard-edged dance grooves – D+E+C article/review in The Stranger

Jason Baxter (also of Universal Studios Florida aka USF), writing about Diamond Eyed Coyote for Seattle’s weekly paper The Stranger, had some interesting tidbits to contribute to my ongoing sociological study in diverse reactions to cultural experiments:

I saw The Tleilaxu Music Machine perform at the Smell in LA over a year ago, and it was kind of a trip. Dude has that demon-Rasta Rob Zombie undead/dread look going on, and his hard-edged dance grooves are pretty fun in their own way, as if Zombie had drunkenly crashed his “Dragula” into a club with some actual taste. In TTMM’s music, the guttural snarls and howls of ‘90s dreck genres like nü-metal are transposed over frenetic house beats—a little jukey, a little janky, totally freaky-deaky.

Check out the whole article.

Diamond Eyed Coyote (2010 Tleilaxucore)

Released on October 11th, 2010.

Digital : you set the price, zero or include a tip if you’re feeling gracious :

Badass, future million dollar collectible hand constructed physical version (by mail, shipping included) :

US : $7.50

Non-US : $10.00

@ shows : $5

The album download includes 7 main tracks plus 2 bonus songs. As many probably know a few of these tracks have been floating around on the internet for a while. On this album are the new & improved mixes that nobody anywhere has heard until now. Also included are the full size front/back cover art files, and the black & white “insert” sheet of lyrics & art.

The physical copies consist of CDRs decorated with paint pens in a glossy full color cd jacket hand-sewn together on the sides, with a double-sided b/w photocopied insert (also with the bonus tracks).

Streaming may sound a little demented on Bandcamp from the lofi quality of mp3 they use for it. It can also be streamed from which may be better:


1. You Onto Somethin
2. I Never Know
3. Bizzy
4. Hey Cliché
5. Amziguous
6. Clicks Into Place
7. Diamond Eyed Coyote
(8) Might Not Be Around
(9) Compartmentalized

Witch Rave at da Grave Haus… a TTMM mixtape

color modified abandoned house spooky creepy witchy

winamp / foobar DJ set i played at the “witch rave” party on april 21st, 2011, at the east los grave haus!! thanx to WMX &&& cute land.

stream it here (mixcloud)

download it here (mediafire)


1. nora keyes – small apart
2. i will shank you for a penny – boots
3. radioclit – we like to party (remix of vengaboys)
4. DJ mujava – township funk (TRG remix)
5. tha sco – yes yes
6. A1 Bassline – shock headed
7. electroass – dj slugo vs. pharoahe monche mashup
8. 666gangstaz – tag team dub
9. whoremongr – shakingtheflesh
10. o9 – monkie with a gun
11. electromeca – no singin on it
12. prefect – harry
13. converter – ehs
14. the undoing of david wright – by the sign of the disceaux
15. morthem vlade art – someone with a transparent eyes
16. siouxsie & the banshees – red light
17. ttmm – i saw her die (rmx of ennio morricone’s “chi l’ha vista morire”)


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