The Tleilaxu Music Machine

Portraits of D. Bene Tleilax

striped black yellow tights bloody knife jungle framing lotsa crazy
by Meowlori

wicked looking sharp teeth clawed evil looking TTMM beast
by [tlr]

flashy big weird mouth dbt tentacle machine in spacy bubble background
also by [tlr]… click image for animation

colorful striped shirt neckerchiefs scarfs beanie sunglasses
by B. Jones

magician tleilax card tricks tea cups need more stickers
by Jessica W.

captain happy tleilax on vacation
by B. Like

pen drawing tleilax saying that was hella cool
by Alyse Pierce

dbt blue red green vortex gangsta
by Liz Metcalf

chibi tleilax drawing
Chibi Tleilax by Wendy B


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